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  • Cat Neutering from Folly Gardens Vets
  • Cat Neutering from Folly Gardens Vets
  • Cat Neutering from Folly Gardens Vets

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  • Cat Neutering from Folly Gardens Vets

neutering cats 2022When we see your kitten for their vaccinations, we will usually discuss neutering (spaying for females and castrating for males). 

Generally we would advise family pets, both male and females can be neutered from 4-6 months of age. 

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Why should we neuter?

There are a great number of unwanted cats in the UK and in order to protect your pet from accidents and disease, we strongly recommend you have your cat neutered. Un-neutered cats are more at risk of picking up dangerous and life threatening infections such as feline leukaemia and feline immuno-deficiency virus. 

They are also very good at getting into fights with other cats, which can result in some horrendous injuries. Sadly, every year we also deal with a great many fatalities, where un-neutered cats have roamed and have been hit by cars. 

Un-neutered females are at risk of unwanted pregnancy and the risks associated with kittening, as well as uterine and mammary cancers.

How do I get my cat booked in?

  • If we’ve not seen your cat before, phone the practice to book a Veterinary Consultation pre-neutering check with us. We will then complete a health examination, discuss your pets lifestyle, breed, age, history and create a plan to best suit you and your cat.

  • Neutering is a day procedure - drop them off in the morning and collect them in the evening. Your pet will probably enjoy some extra TLC at home afterwards too 


It is only female cats that will have a visible wound and it is important to avoid trauma (licking, scratching etc.) to the wound. Your pet may need to wear a buster collar or ‘pet shirt’ but our nurses will be able to advise you about this on discharge.

Female cats will need a post op check 2-3 days later and a final check after about 10-12 days to remove any stitches and ‘sign them off’. They will need to be properly rested after the operation to prevent any complications. We don’t request to see male cats again following castration unless there are any problems. 

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