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  • Folly Gardens Vets Microchipping

    Over 30 years of caring for our clients pets’ well-being

Microchipping your pet is vitally important and for dog owners (and soon, cat owners) it is a legal requirement. Microchipping allows pets and owners to be reunited if the pet is found after being lost or even stolen.

A microchip is a small implant, the size of a grain of rice which is injected under the skin between the shoulder blades. It holds a number which is unique to that pet and is linked to the owner’s details on a secure national database.

Microchipping can easily be done during a puppy or kitten’s health check and with the distraction of treats, many pets don’t even notice it happening! Legally, dogs must be microchipped by 8 weeks of age, and when the law around cats comes in later this year, they will need to be chipped by 20 weeks of age. It is also essential that your details stored on the database are kept up to date.