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  • Folly Care Club for Rabbits
  • Folly Care Club for Rabbits
  • Folly Care Club for Rabbits

    Over 30 years of caring for our clients pets’ well-being

  • Folly Care Club for Rabbits
  • Step One:

    Come into our practice or register your pet online

  • Step Two:

    Discuss your rabbit’s preventative health care and the benefits of our pet health plan with our team.

  • Step Three:

    To register for the plan click here

  • Step Four:

    You’ll receive your welcome letter and have access to all your benefits

The Folly Care Club plan for rabbits gives you:

  • An easy and cost effective way to spread the cost of your pet’s essential health care, including vaccinations, parasite treatment and flea/worm control.
  • Regular structured 10 point health checks, preventative treatments and advice.
  • Access to exclusive discounted prices on purchases, services and treatments from our practice.
  • Plans to suit your pet whatever their age or breed.
  • A health plan that works well alone, or alongside pet insurance.
  • The chance to diagnose and manage earlier any health issues your pet may develop.
  • Reassurance that you are providing the best care for your pet throughout its life.

Pay monthly by direct debit to spread the cost. Then make an appointment to see avet every six months with your rabbit, where your they will receive a full health check and all your questions answered

The Folly Care Club is available at all of our branches.

Join Folly Care Club

Rabbit From £10.00

Per Month

  • Annual vaccinations (combined RHD & Myxo Vaccine)
  • 25% off VHD2 Vaccination
  • One tube of worming treatment per year
  • One Fly strike prevention administration included
  • One additional floating veterinary consultation
  • Health checks every six months
  • Microchipping
  • Priority email notification to all Folly events and pet talks
  • 10% off routine neutering
  • 10% off dental procedures and preventative products
  • 10% off additional parasite treatment
  • 10% off food bought from the practice
  • 10% off nail/claw clipping outside of FCC 6 monthly checks

Vaccinations included:

VHD, Myxomatosis. One vaccination per year per pet to be included.

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If you have joined on or after 12th December 2022, to view our Healthcare Plan terms of service click here.