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  • Folly Gardens Vets Flea & Tick Prevention
  • Folly Gardens Vets Flea & Tick Prevention
  • Folly Gardens Vets Flea & Tick Prevention

    Over 30 years of caring for our clients pets’ well-being

Fleas and ticks can be a real nuisance, and not just in the summer months. These days, these pesky parasites are a problem all year round and it is most definitely a case of ‘prevention is better than cure’.

There are over 2000 species of fleas and over 800 species of ticks in the world but in our domestic pets we only tend to see a handful of these.

The big problem with fleas is that once you see them on your pet, you know you have a problem as this will only represent 5% of the flea population that is currently inhabiting your house. Adult fleas lay eggs, lots of eggs – up to 1500 from a single female flea in one month. Once they hatch, the larvae will crawl into dark humid spots such as deep into the carpet and between floorboards. Not only that, but when they pupate, they create a cocoon that is resistant to many insecticides and can lay dormant for up to a year. So by preventing this cycle from even beginning, you can save an awful lot of hassle!

Ticks are very common in rural areas, fields and where livestock graze. They are bloodsucking parasites and require a host animal to feed on before dropping off again and moulting to their next life-stage. The danger with ticks is that they have the potential to transmit blood-borne diseases to that host animal which can include dogs and cats. Although these diseases, like Lyme’s disease or Babesiosis are rare, with warmer climates and changes in import requirements, there is the likelihood that we will see them more and more frequently as the ticks that carry them are brought into the UK.

Thankfully, preventing fleas and ticks is easy, with regular (monthly or quarterly) tablets or ‘spot-on’ preparations for both dogs and cats.

If you’re a member of our Folly Care Club you automatically get all your flea and tick medications for the whole year included plus reminders for when to give them! We will tailor the medication required to each pet, dependent on their age, breed and concurrent illness and if you have any questions or concerns, please speak to a member of the Folly Gardens Veterinary team.