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  • Folly Gardens Vets Pet Insurance Advice
  • Folly Gardens Vets Pet Insurance Advice
  • Folly Gardens Vets Pet Insurance Advice

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  • Folly Gardens Vets Pet Insurance Advice

Here at Folly Gardens Vets we recommend that owners purchase an insurance policy to cover accident and illness costs associated with their pet(s).

Insurance administration

Please be aware that insurance for Veterinary fees does not cover preventative health care such as vaccinations, flea/wormer, most veterinary diets and some preventative dental care. This type of cover can be possible by joining up to our Folly Care Club in addition to having a good insurance policy.

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Paying for treatment

It is our policy, here at Folly Gardens, where all treatment is paid for at the time. If your pet is insured, we will happily submit a claim for you once we have received the correct documentation fully completed by the policy holder.

We have a dedicated team of administrators, who will collate the necessary information, invoices and clinical notes and send the claim to your insurance company. We require you to provide us with a signed and completed (owners sections only) claim form to do this. Many companies are now providing on-line claim form/submission; we can deal with these too.

Folly Gardens Direct Insurance Claim Agreement

If you elect to utilise our direct claim option, you will be asked to sign an agreement between the practice and yourself. This is to ensure you are aware that you are fully liable for any fees which are not covered by your insurance policy. We will also require copies of your most recent insurance policy, claim forms and excess payments.

We will promptly refund you any overpayments.

What will I need to pay up front for a direct insurance claim?

You will need to pay your fixed policy excess; any percentage co-payments and any other deductions (please check your insurance policy details). You will also need to pay the ‘direct claim administration fee’ to the practice. This is a one off fee of £24 (inclusive of VAT) per condition, per policy year. This is to cover the significant work load involved in providing a direct claim payment option. Most insurance companies do not reimburse this cost.

Insurance queries?

Please feel free to contact your local branch for advice or help. The team on reception may well be able to answer your query.

If you require advice prior to making a claim, your vet may be able to assist; a message can be left for them on reception, and the most appropriate person who can deal with your queries will contact you. If your query is regarding an ongoing claim, or administrative issue, please ring reception and ask to speak to Emma Green.

Please remember that the insurance agreement is between you and your insurance company, and it may well be necessary for you to speak with them directly. We can help with correspondence, but you will need to phone your insurer and give permission for Folly Gardens Vets to speak to them.

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