The Big Flea Guarantee!

What to expect when your pet has dental treatment
September 22, 2016
RVN – position now filled
October 4, 2016

Have you heard?

As part of the Big Flea Guarantee we are offering free flea and tick checks for all dogs! 

Ring the practice on 01684 292244 and make an appointment to get the best advice on preventing and treating flea and tick problems in your dog.  Read more about why preventing fleas and ticks is important, not just for our dogs, but for our homes and our own health too.

We have a range of new and innovative treatments available so let us advise you on how best to protect your dog.

If your pets are untreated, switching on the central heating can lead to an explosion of the flea population in homes and the autumn tick season means that dogs are at risk even on walks in local parks.

You can find out more about this pesky pet problem and our Big Flea Guarantee with this great new film starring TV presenter and poodle owner Chris Packham:

The presenter of the BBC’s Autumn Watch joins veterinary skin specialist Paul Sands MRCVS to explain the Guarantee which includes a FREE flea check for dogs at this practice. You can also watch a flea and tick check taking place and get all the answers to your questions on an issue that many owners don’t realise can be a year round problem for our pets.

To find out more about the Big Flea Guarantee and get your dog a free flea and tick check contact us today on 01684 292244.

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The Big Flea Guarantee!

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Have you heard? As part of the Big Flea Guarantee we are offering free flea and tick checks for all dogs! 

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