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  • Folly Gardens Mobile Consulting Van
  • Folly Gardens Mobile Consulting Van
  • Folly Gardens Mobile Consulting Van

    Over 30 years of caring for our clients pets’ well-being

Folly Gardens are very excited to be able to offer a bespoke home visit service where a Vet and Patient Care Assistant will come directly to see your pet in our fully equipped mobile consulting van. We can provide the same care and attention to your pet in the clinic, in the comfort of your home, or within the van’s consulting facilities.

By letting us come to you, we can eliminate the stress of getting your cat in the carrier or your dog through the clinic's doors. Pets in their environment are more likely to be relaxed, allowing us to understand their health.

  • Anxious dog?
  • Cat that hates travelling?
  • Multiple animals?
  • Don't drive?
  • Working from home?

Let us come to you!

The van is designed for:

  • regular and routine visits,
  • vaccinations,
  • health checks,
  • nail clips and
  • Folly Care Club consultations.

We can also attend non-emergency medical cases such as:

  • lameness,
  • lump checks,
  • ear exams and
  • those requiring blood tests.

We are especially proud to be able to offer home euthanasia visits as part of this service. Deciding to put your pet to sleep can be hard, and many people find great comfort in letting their pet go home, in familiar surroundings and with people they know.

Our current visit fee is £41.80 per visit (regardless of how many pets we treat) plus the normal cost of any consultations or treatment we provide.

A distance of more than 15 miles from one of our clinics will incur a surcharge (prices correct as of July 2022).

The mobile clinic is unsuitable for emergencies, scans or operations, so pets needing those services will be invited to one of our four sites; Walton Cardiff, Barton Road, Bishops Cleeve or Cheltenham.

The mobile clinic operates Mondays and Wednesdays between 9.30am and 3.30pm and appointments can be booked by calling 01684 292244