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Where does your pet like to be tickled the most and how do they persuade you to …
May 7, 2018
We couldn’t resist stopping off for a photo oportunity. Consulting van available…
May 8, 2018

How often do you take your dog for woodland adventures?

The whole of May is Walk in the Woods Month, to raise awareness and celebrate our local woodland areas. For a dog, not much is better than scampering around under the trees and in the foliage, it’s great for their mental well-being and stimulation. It’s also great for us humans, the fresh air and taking notice of our surroundings.

What are your woodland walk stories and where do you go?

The Tree Council > Take Part > Walk in the Woods

Walk in the Woods is the The Tree Council’s festival to encourage everyone to enjoy trees and woods. Across the UK, walks, talks and other events take place in town and countryside – an invitation to go down to the woods or to a local park or just enjoy tree-lined streets. Flowers, birdsong and leaf…