Patience and love worked for vaccination phobia!

    IMG_5710The owners of this lovely dog asked for some help with his vet phobias! He had been impossible to examine and required sedation for yearly vaccinations.

    His owners were worried about the effects of sedating him now he is ten years old, and wondered if there was any other way. They showed their commitment by bringing him in to see us every week for 5 weeks, also bringing bags of tasty cooked chicken. Gradually, he grew in trust, firstly with me, then eventually with other members of the team. Happily, we were recently able to give him his vaccine and kennel cough just with the aid of a treat!!

    He will continue to visit us socially, and now his owners are happy that if he were to have a medical problem, it could be dealt with calmly and safely. For this type of problem, we run social nurse clinics to build trust. For any other behavioural issues, we perform behaviour consultations with our qualified behaviour nurse. Please phone us if we can help you and your dog or cat.