Top quality vets and nurses:

All the Folly Gardens veterinary team base their recommendations to you as the owner, on their experience, the latest clinical research and what is going to be best for your pet.

Our team have pets of their own so they really understand how you feel about your pet. We will work with you to keep your pet as fit and healthy as we can for the whole of its life and we will be there for you whenever you need our help. As a team we have a wide range of experiences and different specialities which means that we will only very rarely have to refer you to another practice or expect you to wait for a diagnostic procedure.

Full in-house diagnostics:

Often the speed of reaching the correct diagnosis can have a big impact on how quickly your pet recovers. Folly Gardens vets have extensive ‘in house’ diagnostics, including laboratory and imaging facilities, that can be used to get your pet the correct treatment as fast as possible.

15 min consults:

To ensure that we have the best possible opportunity to correctly identifying what is wrong with your pet most of our consultation periods are for 15 minutes rather than the normal ten. We feel that this allows us to give you the full attention you and your pet deserve whilst still keeping our prices very competitive compared to those who give you less time.

Laparoscopic surgery:

Folly Gardens vets are unique in the area in having the equipment to undertake ‘keyhole’ surgery. As with human surgery this approach has huge benefits in the recovery time from operations and the length of incision that has to be made. Along with other extensive theatre operating and monitoring equipment we currently use the laparoscopic equipment to carry out bitch spays and various investigatory procedures as it has a major benefit in how quickly your pet is back to its best bouncing self! We believe you expect and deserve the best and would expect us to provide you with the latest veterinary procedures. The provision of laparoscopic surgery is just one example of us meeting this expectation.

Our own preventative health plans:

At Folly Gardens Veterinary Clinic we believe in a proactive approach to your pet’s healthcare. We know how important your pet’s health is to you and we want to help you keep them happy and healthy for longer. This is why we have designed this Care Club. Folly Care Club makes it easy for you to protect your pet and your family against preventable diseases and discomfort by making sure your pet’s vaccinations and parasite control are all up to date. In addition, regular check-ups and early diagnosis of any potential health issues will help your pet enjoy a long, comfortable life, whilst saving you money and worry too.

Folly Care Club is not pet insurance: it includes the regular things – like vaccinations, flea, worm and parasite treatments, health checks and advice in an easy monthly payment plan – the things that pet insurance generally doesn’t cover. However young or old your pet, our Care Club is designed to adapt to your pet’s needs, from puppy or kitten, to adulthood and throughout their senior years. Folly Care Club is a simple and affordable way to get all of the essential preventive care that our practice recommends for your pet.

We have teamed up with Denplan Pet Health Plans, who will collect your Direct Debits on our behalf and take care of the administration of the plans. This enables us to concentrate on looking after your pets


Folly Gardens vets feel that whilst the annual vaccination is important the annual health check that comes with it is actually even more important for the long term welfare of your pet. During the annual health check our vets will monitor your pet’s health from nose to tail and provide you with recommendations for any treatment to keep them in optimum health. Early treatment often offers the best chance of successful treatment and usually keeps long term costs down so it is really important that we get this important information on a regular basis. Not all vaccinations are the same and a comprehensive annual health check is a very important element of your care for your pet.


Many of the drugs supplied by Folly Gardens can only be supplied to you if your animal is under the care of one of our veterinary surgeons.  For most conditions this will mean that it will be necessary for the vet to examine your pet immediately prior to prescribing a drug for the first time.

Following this, if your pet requires a repeat prescription or written prescription of medication, you will need to give us 24 hours notice so that we can assess the clinical notes, ensure the script is written or that we have the correct drugs available for your request.  Where your pet requires repeat medication it will be necessary for the vet to see your pet at least every 3 – 6 months, in some cases the vet may require to see your pet more often.

For certain flea and worming products it will be possible to prescribe these drugs providing the vet has seen your pet within the last 12 months for its annual health check and vaccination.  If we have not seen your pet within the last 12 months it will not be possible to prescribe these products without a full health examination during a consultation with the vet.

For all repeat prescription requests, please be advised that Prescription Only Medicines (POM-V & POM-VPS) will not be dispensed to anyone under the age of 16 years.  Please be aware that proof of age may be requested.


Our payment terms require payment in full on delivery of treatment or collection of your animal or prescriptions, as appropriate.

Where medicines or products are collected by a person acting on your behalf, goods must either have been paid for beforehand or paid for at the time of collection. Payment can be made in the following ways: cash, credit cards, switch and debit cards.  Payment can be taken over the telephone.

We will happily provide an estimate of the probable treatment costs on request and in good faith. You must, however, understand that complications or unforeseen circumstances could arise which may require additional treatments or further surgical interventions and that we will charge you for these as they occur.

Folly Gardens Veterinary Clinic strongly supports the principle of insuring your pet against unexpected illness or accidents. Even if your pet is insured, responsibility for payment of fees remains with you the client at all times and you will be asked to pay for any treatment given to an insured pet at the time of treatment.  You will then be able to claim the fees directly from the insurance company less any excess due on the policy. 

Due to the time taken to accurately complete an insurance claim form for submission to an insurance company, Folly Gardens reserves the right to charge for this service.


We are required by our governing authorities to ensure that all drugs that we dispense have been stored at the correct temperature even during transportation. We are therefore unable to refund any drugs once they have been removed from the premises. Whilst we understand that this might be very annoying we hope you will appreciate that this will also protect you from ever receiving drugs that may have been damaged or stored incorrectly.

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