Price list

Price List

All prices are inclusive of VAT at 20% and are correct as of 1st December 2017. Prices may vary.

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Cats and Dogs £34.00
Rabbits £24.00
Guinea Pig £20.00
Small animals (hamsters, gerbils) £20.00


 Initial Puppy vaccination course From 6 weeks old. Two injections, Two - Four weeks apart £60.00
Annual Booster £34.00
Kennel Cough £27.00
Rabies Booster £40.00
 Initial Kitten Vaccination Course From 9 weeks old. Two injections, Three - Six weeks apart £70.00
Annual Booster £39.00
Rabbit Myxomatosis & VHD combined vaccination From 5 weeks of age, 1 injection per year £39.00
Rabies vaccination £40.00
Issuing passport £52.49
Microchip £20.00



Less than 10kg £140.00
10.1-20kg £145.00
20.1-40kg £165.00
More than 40.1kg £185.00
Cat £45.00
Rabbit or Guinea Pig £65.00



Less than 10kg £165.00
10.1-20kg £185.00
20.1-30kg £215.00
30.1-40kg £220.00
More than 40.1kg £290.00
Keyhole Spey £165 (in addition to above Spey fee)
Cat £70.00
Rabbit £80.00


Please note for all neutering operations stated above:

These prices include:

  • Full health check on the morning of the anaesthetic
  • Medication given before and during the procedure
  • The vets and nurses professional time
  • Up to 2 post operative checks; usually two days and ten days following the date of the operation
  • Pain relief during surgery

Please note post-operative anti-inflammatory drugs (pain relief) or plastic collars (lamp shade) are not included within the price and may be £5 -£20 on top of the above prices.

Discounts are available if you are a member of the Folly Care Club, please speak to a member of the team for more details

Please note all prices stated above are inclusive of VAT.