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Introducing Crofts


Crofts are a professional dog grooming service founded in Bredon in 1995. Originally Crofts was based at the Oldbury road site, but moved to the Folly Gardens team in January 2013  to offer their excellence and expertise at our Barton Road Clinic.

At Croft we provide all the usual grooming services for your dogs including

  • Wash and dry with or without a trim of around the ears, toes and leg feathers
  • "The Full Works" which includes a bath with shampoo, dry and a clip all over
  • We are happy to tailor the service to your pet's requirements
  • Very happy to provide nail trims, ear cleaning and hair plucking to prevent ear problems
  • Work alongside the vets at Folly Gardens to provide medicated washes as prescribed

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Crofts@Follygardens provides a complete dog grooming services at our Barton Road branch.

Opening times are Monday, Wednesday & Friday every week as well as the first Saturday of the month.

To book an appointment please call 01684 536840


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