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The Big Flea Guarantee!

By follygardens | Sep 27, 2016

Have you heard? As part of the Big Flea Guarantee we are offering free flea and tick checks for all dogs! 

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What to expect when your pet has dental treatment

By follygardens | Sep 22, 2016

Here is some information about what to expect if your cat or dog comes in for dental treatment.

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Warning! Do not read this if you’ve just eaten!

By follygardens | Sep 15, 2016

Today we wanted to write something about tapeworms, to help you understand the life cycle. The tapeworm’s egg sacks are shed from the pet’s back end, […]

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How old is your cat in human years?

By follygardens | Sep 12, 2016

Have you ever wondered how to work out ‘human years’ for your cat? Here’s how to do it: Allow 15 human years for the first year […]

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Microchipping – not just for dogs…

By follygardens | Sep 4, 2016

Meet one of our more unique patients! While you might associate microchipping with cats and dogs, Dev had a visit from this beautiful eagle owl who […]

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