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We’re proud to be able to offer video endoscopy, which enables us to investigate cases of vomiting, diarrhoea, inappetence and lethargy, and this works really well in conjunction with X-rays and ultrasound.

Ear disease can be investigated with high magnification and resolution with a videoscope, which is brilliant for the diagnosis and removal of aural (ear) and nasal (nose) foreign bodies. Our videoscopes are perfect for things such as sneezing dogs and cats, ear problems, as well as being able to use it to look directly into dog’s bladders (females) for cases of cystitis and incontinence. We have removed plenty of bladder stones that would otherwise would have required open surgery! Take a look at the link below to learn more…

Laparoscopic spay | Folly Gardens Veterinary Clinic

We perform keyhole surgery for spaying dogs; known as Laparoscopic spay. It’s less invasive and reduces risks of mammary tumours and womb infections.