Fur, feathers and scales!

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October 4, 2016
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March 16, 2017

snakeblogWe're not just about dogs and cats here at Folly Gardens.

We get all sorts of visitors through the door with fur, feathers, fangs and fins!

We remember the day a client came in having found this snake in her kitchen!

It was a corn snake and our client found it in their washing. Now we know where all the lost socks end up!

On another day this corn snake was bought in looking the worst for wear. She'd somehow managed to get herself trapped in a set of keys!


We managed to release her from the key ring using special wire cutters.

Our slithery friend was a lot more comfortable once we released her from the key ring and went home to recuperate - with her owner keeping a close eye on her.

More about corn snakes

Corn snakes are a great beginner's snake for those new to snake keeping. They come in a wide variety of colours and patterns, they are docile and easy to tame but also inquisitive and active, so they're fun to be with. They don't bite often and only require feeding every 5-14 days!

Another reason corn Snakes are popular is their size. The average size for an adult Corn Snake is around 4-5 foot, so you can always handle them.

Corn snakes are quite hardy and can live up to about 15 to 20 years with appropriate care.

We'd love to see photos of your pet snakes, please upload them to our Facebook page.

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