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May 5, 2017
Today we had a visit from one of our more unusual pets Ginger the African Pygmy …
May 23, 2017

Two members of our Folly Gardens team are going to walk from Bath to Cheltenham over 2 days in July to raise money for Macmillan.

Claire Holley and Sally Cooper will be taking part in the Cotswold Challenge – it’s a 100k walk along the Cotswold Way which will take around 24 hours of walking to complete. They are well under way with their training although 60 miles seems like an awfully long way at the moment! The girls are hoping to raise £4000 for Macmillan in the process. If you would like to make a donation of any size, that would be incredible as this is a charity very close to all of our hearts.

Claire sums up why we are doing this:

“Just over 2 years ago I was given a devastating cancer diagnosis and so began a harsh regime of chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy.
We were very much looked after by our families and great friends but also by Macmillan who provided plenty of information and advice…how and what to tell the boys, what the future might hold and who to ask if we needed anything. Even now they continue to support to get me back to full fitness.
So it’s time to give something back…100km, 2 days, 1 tent. Bring it on!”

To donate either visit and search for Claire Holley or Sally’s 100k Cotswold Challenge

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